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Atolla Skin Analysis Kit + Personalized Face Oil

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4 Easy Steps:

Get a precise understanding of your skin health, without having to send anything back to the lab!

1.  Add current products, diet, and other lifestyle information in the Atolla Skin Health app.

2.  Take a selfie to start tracking your visual progress over time.

3.  Use the skin testing strips to measure your skin's oil, moisture, and pH levels.

4.  Test key ingredients to help us understand your absorption and feel preferences.

In 2 weeks, we deliver a personalized face oil based on your skin attributes and the Atolla proprietary algorithm.  Track the efficacy of your formulation in the Atolla Skin Health app!

THE Skin Lab 


15 minutes is all it takes to quantifiably understand your skin and have a personalized skincare formulation made for you on the spot. In the Skin Lab, we use the Atolla proprietary database to connect ingredients and their combinations to your skin attributes based on objective, physical data.  

And that's just the beginning- we measure exactly how the formulation works and know how to adapt it based on your changing skin needs and environment around you.  





Atolla is a skin health platform developed out of MIT that empowers you to take ownership of your skin health by simplifying skin science. There are three main steps: first we analyze your skin, then we use that information to create you a personalized formulation, and track your skin progress over time.