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Understanding your skin can be complicated- we make it simple.

Atolla is a MIT-based startup that empowers consumers to take ownership over their skin health through a simple 3-step process of “Analyze - Formulate - Track.”  You will understand your skin using real, objective data, formulate a product specific to your skin, and track your skin health over time. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm designs personalized formulations for your specific and evolving skin needs.   

People don’t know how to choose products that will safely work for their unique skin because skin is complex and it’s changing. We are removing the frustrating trial-and-error process of finding skincare that works for you.  Meghan, our CEO, kept a skin diary for over a year to catalog how her skin reacted to each product she tried and knew there had to be a smarter way to experiment.

Developed at MIT, Atolla provides a data-driven approach to skincare. To help you understand your skin from the inside out, we look at your dermal data, visual skin analysis of skin issues, and environmental and lifestyle factors. Our current product offering uses all-organic and non-synthetic ingredients, is dermatologist-formulated, and is customized at the ingredient and dosage level appropriate for your skin.


The idea born at MIT is taking shape in NYC.

With our amazing team and the support of the MIT delta V accelerator, we are committed to transforming the skincare experience.

Come visit us from July 25th - July 29th at our Nolita location (251 Elizabeth St) to see your skin in a new light at the Atolla Skin Lab.

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